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Shop The BEST place to For The Woolie Faux Paint Tools & Kits


About Us:  The Woolie paint tools and brushes are the most versatile, ergonomic, fastest and easiest way to decorate with paint. We manufacture The Woolie sheepskin pads, faux finish rag rollers, sponge rollers, shammy rollers, and the best-selling Woolie 2-Color roller.  We offer a vast variety of these tools as kits or replacement tool combinations.




Recommended - Before You Shop:  View our free how-to videos where you'll learn faux finish painting techniques,how to choose colors for each technique, how to prepare your room and tools for faux finish techniques like rag painting, sponge painting, roller-meshing, color-meshing, glazing, color wash, marbling, striped walls, dragging, strie, texture painting, how to choose faux paint colors, and so much more!  




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  • High-quality and low-cost faux finish paint tools that create notoriously consistent, professional-looking results.  Compare Tools
  • Our thorough and highly-acclaimed how-to faux paint instruction videos that give you the knowledge and confidence you need BEFORE you begin your paint project.  View How-To Videos
  • Instruction Step Sheets.  View & Print Quick Reference Steps
  • Paint brand Color Reference Sheets for faux finishing with:  Behr Paint, Benjamin Moore Paint, Sherwin Williams Paint, and more brands.  View & Print Paint Brand Sample Sheets
  • Faux tool and faux finish technique Color Samples.  Choose a Faux Technique by Color
  • We offer a huge variety of faux kits, combination replacement packs, and value pack options designed to fit all of your wants, needs and desires.


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